Coca-Cola’s New Campaign, Taste the Feeling

by Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator

Mixed ‘feelings’ arise as Coke launches a new ad campaign from “Open Happiness” to “Taste the Feeling.” “Taste the Feeling,” is going back to the basics with their product (displayed in the iconic glass bottle) at the centerpiece. They hope the campaign will drive home the point that Coke is refreshing and makes everyday moments better.



The campaign will be the first to feature all the Coke trademark products (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Zero). By encompassing all products, Coke wants to convey “commitment to choice” where Coke is a product for everyone in all situations and phases of life. Most of the ads also include attractive, young people, as Coke tries to reach out to Millennials.



Past Campaign: Open Happiness

So, how is this different from what Coke has done in the past? Well, Coke’s last campaign, “Open Happiness,” which began in 2009, intended to focus on what the brand stood for (ideals like world peace, community, joy, etc.). The product was displayed in the advertisements, but it was usually not the central component of the ad. It was more about what the brand valued.


What’s the verdict?

Now the question is, will this new campaign work for Coke? Some think it’s smart for Coke to focus on their product, but some worry that these ads are slowly changing Coke’s brand image – with a shallow theme of mere refreshment and the usage of flashy images.

Personally, I prefer “Open Happiness.” It made me admire and look to Coke as something more than just a beverage. It was a brand that stood for things I stood for--and in that respect, I felt better about myself when buying a Coke.

But despite my opinion or any other publication’s opinion, we have yet to see what the consumers think. Will the advertisements make it more likely for them to purchase Coke? Will it make the brand stronger, or will it rob Coke of the brand they have worked so hard to cultivate?

Only the future will tell.


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