CAPS Rebranding Campaign

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Child Abuse Prevention Services, or CAPS, began in 1990 as WNC Regional Child Abuse Center, a multi-agency effort dedicated to protecting children and providing them a place where they can feel safe. Today, CAPS continues to counsel and protect children around the Asheville-Buncombe community, and helps over 8,500 individuals each year.

CAPS recently started working with Buncombe County to create a Child Advocacy Center: a national and state-wide designation with strict accreditation guidelines. With this major change taking place, CAPS decided to reach out to The Goss Agency for rebranding, including a new brand name, logo, and tagline that would better reflect their mission. Their goal? Create a warm, welcoming brand that reflects the level of care their services provide without the stigma of abuse attached to it.

We here at The Goss Agency are incredibly honored to be working with CAPS on a rebranding campaign. The value of their work to the community cannot be overstated, and we are confident that together we will create a lasting brand that the children of WNC will love.

For more information on CAPS and the services they provide, you can call them at 828-254-2000 or visit their website here. Click here to donate.

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