Founded in 2000, with offices in Asheville, North Carolina and Georgetown, South Carolina The Goss Agency provides national-level branding, marketing and needle moving strategies & creative to small and midsize B2B and B2C clients.


Please click below to see what a few of our clients have to say:


"In working with the Goss Agency, I found an uncommon commitment and team spirit from the agency that assisted Pavillon to  build our brand and establish a solid marketing foundation.  A website uplift, video productions, and upgrade in marketing materials helped drive quality traffic and business to our organization. They certainly provide a creative edge to all marketing efforts."

- Barbara Bennett, CEO, Pavillon

Gaia Herbs

"We’ve worked with The Goss Agency for a long time and it’s been a successful partnership. They are quick to respond and work very hard to deliver top quality work. They are professional at all times and understand the need to show ROI.”

- Chantelle Burgin, Marketing Director, Gaia Herbs


"I have worked with the Goss Agency for 3 years and I am very satisfied with their work. They are professional in all aspects of their work. I appreciate having access to Jeff's decades of experience and knowledge. I highly recommend their services.”

- Jim Brewer, Development Director, ABCCM


"Excellent marketing company. Very in tune with customer's needs and understands how to effectively deliver marketing strategies. Would highly recommend for any businesses' marketing needs.”

- Tim McElyea, COO, ABCCM


Blossman Gas

"You and your firm are doing a very good job for us. The reasons for my comment are:
1. You understand what we need as a propane retailer.
2. Your work is organized and focused on results, not the work.
3. Your people are professional

I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in the career (IT, strategy, HR, marketing) and you are among the best. Feel free to call to discuss further.”

- Randall R. Doyle, CFO, Blossman Gas

Western Carolina Community Action (WCCA)

"Thanks for the Executive Summary Doug and Thank you for the outstanding job you have done in moderating these brand discovery workshops. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback throughout this process and want to commend you for making the process fun, thought-provoking, and energetic! I know we still have some work ahead of us, but just wanted to let you know that everyone is excited and you’re doing a great job!"

- Terri Bowman  Grant Writer, Fundraiser, WCCA

Asheville Chamber of Commerce

"Jeff and his associates provided our Chamber’s Economic Development Department with excellent, unique marketing materials that added great value to telling the Asheville Buncombe County “story” to prospective business and industry nationally and internationally."

- Ray Denny, Director of Economic Development, ASHEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


Hulsing Enterprises

"It’s rare that you come across a standout marketing strategist like Jeff. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for just over 1 year at Hulsing Enterprises, collaborating on various marketing projects. I was particularly impressed by his ability to handle tough situations with calm, insightful acumen. That skill comes from knowing your client and having a wealth of marketing knowledge and expertise across various industries. Oh, how I miss our friendly marketing banter over a great cup of coffee! Jeff and his team come highly recommended."

- Chantelle Burgin, Marketing Specialist, GAIA Media - Hulsing Enterprises


Cherokee, North Carolina

"It was time to consolidate our resources and unite our cultural entities and conduct an RFP for a marketing partner. We narrowed our list of prospects and sent out our RFP to a dozen or so marketing agencies in the Southeast. From the moment we looked at the ads done by The Goss Agency, it was obvious they ‘got us.’ It was obvious they did their homework and knew something about our culture. Their presentation of our culture was truly striking. We looked proud and accomplished and rich with heritage and tradition in a ‘National Geographic’ sort of way. Since then, four years ago, the advertising has instilled a sense of pride in our people, and the results have been profound, from town levy to numbers at the gates of the Fairgrounds, Drama, Village, and Museum.”

- Mary Jane Ferguson, Director of Marketing, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


The Thoms Estate

"Working with Jeff and his staff was a wonderful and delightful experience. From concept to execution, every detail was performed in an organized, on time and in a professional manor, and with great inspiration and excitement. A great listener and advisor, Jeff and his team provided the juice to create the idea and vision of our story, which won the prestigious Addy Award and helped us successfully launch a project in difficult economic times. I would love to work with Jeff on another project in the future. The most qualified leads I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in the business, and the entire sales team shares the same sentiment.”

- Tom Tamrack, Marketing Director, The Thoms Estate


The Chubb Institute

"In the ever-changing world of marketing, it is necessary to regularly create new approaches in messaging to your target markets. Jeff and I worked together while I was VP of Sales and Marketing at Chubb Computer Services. I found him to be one of the most creative people I have worked with while at the same time keeping his eye on the ball of what we were trying to accomplish. He is a pleasure to work with and a true marketing professional."

- Joy (Mills) Johnson, Now Executive Director at The Georgia Ballet, The CHUBB Institute



The Island of St. Lucia

"The creative image campaign was created that defined the beautiful qualities of our island by identifying what specific island attractions appealed to the various audiences. The attraction-specific ads were strategically placed in related verticals to capture the audience. Islands Magazine was so impressed with the new campaign they gave it preferred placement, inside front cover – a 20 percent premium at no additional cost. Island Tourist Board tracking indicated a 37 percent increase in inquiries.”

- Maria Fowl, Director of Marketing, The Island of St. Lucia


Disney Vacation Club

"I worked directly with Jeff Goss in the launching of The Disney Vacation Club, which consisted of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. It was the first time Disney had extended its brand beyond The Walt Disney World Resorts. After eight months of disappointing results in pre-occupation sales, the recommendation spearheaded by Jeff Goss to implement consumer insight programs in the north and in our Florida markets was executed. This led to targeted creative insights that leveraged the unique distinctive characteristics of the properties Disney is known for.

It is a Disney policy not to give specific results. I will say the campaign far exceeded expectations. Thanks, Jeff.”

- Pat Quinn, Marketing Director, Disney Vacation Club


Historic Biltmore Village

"This brand revitalization has contributed to an average sales increase of about 16%, according to participating merchants, and has breathed new life into the Village, providing the missing and well-deserved image of an international quality leisure shopping experience with distinctive independent and national shops, restaurants, and lodging in a relaxed, historic, charming setting.”

- Curtis Williams, Biltmore Property Group


Asheville Regional Airport

"We are so pleased to be working with The Goss Agency. Jeff Goss and his team have an excellent reputation and experience in the travel industry that will help re-position Asheville Regional Airport as the airport of ‘choice’ for Western North Carolina travelers. In a very short period of time (less than three months), The Goss Agency has exhibited their understanding of both the business and community needs, through development and implementation of a creative, thoughtful, and compelling campaign, which primarily targets our business travelers. Since its inception, the campaign has successfully generated interest, attention, and action from our customer base, many of whom are now looking to Asheville for both their business and leisure travel needs. In the months to come, we look forward to seeing more of this type of creative airport advertising from The Goss Agency.”

- Susan Phillips, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Asheville Regional Airport


Haywood County, North Carolina

"I would like to thank the Goss Agency and the Tourism Development Authority Staff and Board for their work in the creation of our new brand and logo. This logo will accentuate the implementation of our long-term strategic plan. This plan will be instrumental in guiding us into the future.”

- Ken Stahl, Chairman, Haywood County Tourism and Development Authority

Paradise Beach

"The Goss Agency revitalized brand image, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and new website have already contributed to additional website traffic and increased our monthly guest capacity. Our name says it all, but if no one knows about you, it doesn’t matter how remarkable your property is."

~ Guillermo Cerda, Director, Paradise Beach Resort, Cozumel, Mexico