Press Check for Perfection

Print media is still an incredibly important part of how our clients reach their customers, especially when it comes to the biannual Blossman Gas catalog. Being a part of the process of putting together the catalog, from the color of the pans in the photography, to the placement of the spot varnish on the flames of the fireplaces, is an exercise in attention to detail.

So why, after all of this careful planning and execution, would a press check fail to make the list of important tasks?

Catalog in process

Catalogs being printed.

Press checks, the process by which the individual pages are printed and then approved for color correctness and clarity, is a practice that has fallen by the wayside in some agencies. To us here at The Goss Agency, it is a crucial element of following through with a job completely. Not only is it important practically, but it is also absolutely intoxicating to smell the ink and see our vision coming to life.

Catalogs ready to be shipped out

Catalogs ready to be shipped out.

We were privileged to complete yet another wonderful catalog for Blossman, and also to work with the printing team at Pulp. The catalogs mailed out to Blossman’s customers on Monday – let us know what you think when you get yours!

Cover of new Blossman catalog

Cover of new Blossman catalog

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