Pinterest Tips for Business Success


Pinterest recently hit a huge milestone--100 million users! This news means even more when put into the context of predictions that it would only reach 47 million users by 2015, and 59 million users by 2019 according to eMarketer as reported by Social Media Today. The article reports:

"Co-founder Evan Sharp told AFP that  'it's 100 million active users, more than 70% of whom are actively engaged.' The disclosure from Pinterest is the first time since its launch in March 2010 that it has discussed the number of users."

With this news, we wanted to collect some Pinterest tips for business use, best practices, and information to share to help your business reach more of these 100 million Pinterest users. Here are 5 articles we recommend with some of the best tidbits from each:

1. StoreYa blog lists several tools to help you get more out of Pinterest, including Pablo, Piqora, Rich pins, Article pins, Pinterest Analytics, Viral tag, and one of our favorites, the Pin It button.

2. explains why you should pay attention to Pinterest tips for business: "With 90% of Pinterest users purchasing, this seems like a promising channel to deploy your advertising dollars, one image at a time."

3. CollectiveBias in their post, "Pinterest as a Marketing Tool," advises: "If a retailer selects a 'wait-and-see' attitude, they may find themselves seriously behind in a few months as Pinners discover and forge relationships with early adopters."

4. and 5. provides even more incentive to use Pinterest for Business: "Pinterest drives more traffic on the web today than Twitter and Reddit combined." In another Sendible post titled, "The Logic of Pinterest is explained for Brands," they explain, "Pinterest was built from the beginning as a kind of showcase, where it's nothing just to hang a price tag on each item."

What questions do you have about Pinterest for your business? Let us know!

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