Design Intern Perspective: Phil Chester

Phillip Chester designer

Phil Chester, design intern

It is very surreal to have finally finished school. Graduating is something that as a student you look forward to so much from your very first semester. You build up so much excitement and anticipation for that day. Now that it is finally here I’m excited but I think I will come to miss school and the experiences I had there.

Now comes the next challenge, the job search. The job search is an exciting and stressful process. You put all your effort into your cover letter and resume. You work to trim down all of your projects to make your portfolio a showcase of your best work. After doing all of that, you send in your application and all you can do from then on is hope to hear back. Sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don’t. When I don’t get a response or I get a rejection email that tells me I need to work on my craft and strengthen my portfolio. So, I go back to the drawing board to tighten up and perfect my work.

I continue to learn from and gain experience through my internship here at The Goss Agency. I apply this experience and the refinements to my portfolio to take another swing at it. Though the job search is a stressful venture, I know that I will land where I am meant to.

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