Rebranding Historic Biltmore Village

historic biltmore village since 1896


by Jeff Goss

Situation: A 109-year-old village historically designed for the artisans, craftsmen and women, employees, and support staff for the Biltmore Estate, Biltmore Village grew from a desolate place in the 1970s to achieving a wealth of independent restaurants and shops, along with national brands. Even with the rich shopping-experience stores were not reaching their potential. There was little brand awareness and what little awareness there was underestimated the experience. People had to stumble into it, and the leading reaction was “Oh I didn’t know Biltmore Village had this, and this and…”

Action: Launch a new state of the art mobile website establishing the history and brand. Message of “A Passage Through Time” was established along with a Visitor’s Historical Cultural Guide connecting the stores with special offers and a strategic rack brochure. “The numbers are off the charts”, “Best year ever” - Curtis Williams Managing Director of Marketing

The numbers we have constitute an average increase of sales 18%.


Our Signature Passport: folding map & historic overview
















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