Admirable Series: Killing Two Brands with One Ad

By: Claire Wilcox, Account Support Intern

In a rising digital age, millennials don’t want more stuff, they want more experience. And brands will pay the price if they don’t adapt. Not only does Gen Y favor a trip (including lots of selfies) over a new car or wardrobe, it favors existential ads that connect with consumers in their everyday lives — the more creative the better.

One way ad campaigns meet these expectations is by teaming brands up. For example, Mindshare partnered its client Campari America with Lyft and the mobile rewards network Kiip to engage consumers when they were likely to buy another drink at a bar. The liquor company offered a $5 Lyft coupon to promote its brand and drinking safety. As a result, consumer experience and engagement increased, and Mindshare was honored with best use of mobile by Adweek at the 2016 Project Isaac Awards.


In a more recent campaign, The North Face found a way to creatively sell experience to consumers by teaming up with Spotify in “Seek No Shelter.” The outdoor retailer’s partnership is a unique marketing opportunity that involves an Apex Flex GTX jacket, White Denim’s new track “No Nee Ta Slode Aln,” and weather-specific geo-targeting. The campaign allows Spotify customers in the U.S. an opportunity to listen to the track exclusively in areas where it's raining. (Bet they would like a slick new rain jacket to shelter their heads and enhance their experience!)


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