Behind-the-scenes on the Blossman Catalog Photo Shoot

This week our team has had a blast working on the Blossman Gas & Propane photo shoot for the upcoming Fall/Winter Catalog!

This is Sunny, our adorable canine talent for the shoot. When she got tired, she would just lay down with her belly up because she knew that someone would be willing to pet her.
Chris, our food stylist, is quite the accomplished chef. He noticed that the owners of the home had a cookbook that featured one of his recipes, and had marked his Buttermilk Cucumber salad as one of their favorite recipes!
When the shower wouldn't steam close enough to the shower head, our team got creative and used a clothes steamer to recreate the effect.
Gas logs not working properly? Never fear - our client, Blossman Gas Marketing Director Emily Willis, was on hand with her service call training to save the day.
While we will never see exactly the magic the photographer sees, it helps to stand behind the camera. Our photographer Peter Zander was happy to oblige.
Just a relaxing morning, reading the paper, being intently photographed.
Photo and lighting assistant "Tiny", Peter, Emily, and designer Chloe review the shot options in the editing room after Peter shoots a few frames.
What is better than capturing the golden light of the sunset? Hanging out on one of the most beautiful porches in town to enjoy the sun setting over the mountains. A big thanks to the Ellis family for their hospitality!

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