Award Series – Franklin Graham Crusade

By Jeff Goss, CEO/Creative Director


Faced with the communications objective to create an invitation for the Franklin Graham Crusade, we did not go the traditional route and do a classic card and envelope with script type. We thought about what would happen upon receiving the invitation. One would be moved to go but then rationalize not going -- the classic struggle between good and evil since the beginning of time. So we took the invitation recipient to the next level of communications, facing the struggle and choice with an illustrated devil and angel. The Angel was saying, “Come join us for the Franklin Graham Crusade at the Charlotte Coliseum.” The Devil: “Stay home, watch TV, organize your spice rack.” Therefore, we related to them and got the smile. We got extra mileage out of the invitation, printing it on 11x17-inch paper and delivering it rolled up like a scroll, then distributing them as posters. The crusade was a sellout. The project won 3 gold Addy Awards.

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