Cultural Traveler Demographics

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From our experience with destination marketing, we’ve developed a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the cultural traveler that we use to develop cultural tourism strategies. Below are a few generalizations which transcend specific places and population groups.

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The market is growing. The cultural traveler is a sub-set of the leisure travel market. Both are growing as the baby boom population continues to reach retirement age and as generation Xers and millennials seek ever-more authentic and immersive travel experiences.

The market, while skewing slightly older than the general population, is getting younger. Given the relatively large size of the millennial cohort, their relative wealth, and their travel propensity, the market is getting younger and has become less dependent on the retiree.

The market is well-educated and technologically savvy. Travelers of all ages seek and attain information prior to making detailed plans and use technology--primarily the internet and mobile devices--to implement their plans.

Finally, cultural travelers are staying longer and are more likely to travel by air.

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