New Creative: 3D Mailers

3D Mailer for Alliance Autogas

3D Mailer for Alliance Autogas

3D mailers can be an effective way to get noticed by your target audience and cut through the 5,000+ messages they are hit with each day. It can be easy for a prospect to ignore a piece of paper, but a clever 3D mailer can be a great attention-grabber. For this advertisement, targeted recipients received branded vice grips that ties directly to the message of "Get a Solid Grip on Your Fuel Cost" created for Alliance Autogas.

Even huge brands like the NFL get in on the action with their 3D Mailer sent to CEOs of brand they were hoping to entice to advertise during football games. This year, the NFL sent out this 3D mailer:

3-D Advertising

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This clever 3D ad appears to be a soccer ball from the outside, but when opened, a football with enticing advertising statistics printed on it greets the CEOs in a campaign dubbed "The Trojan Ball."

What 3D mailers have you received that grabbed your attention?

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