2016 Marketing Plan

2016 Marketing Plan

In our many, many hours spent on the Internet, we came across this image recently, and it struck a chord with us. Although this image was created to motivate changes needed in complex systems like education, we thought it was also applicable to thinking about your 2016 Marketing Plan for your business. Each element is crucial to make effective change when it comes to improving the results you want to see for your business in 2016, and we're here to help every step of the way. Without all 5 pieces in place, you could create confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration, and false starts for your customers and your team.

Let's break down the five elements needed to help make 2016 the best year yet for your business.

1. Vision

Think back to your original vision for your company. How has your vision changed to adapt to reality? What vision do you have for your business and goals for 2016? If your vision has become muddled, it might be time for rebranding to ensure you're communicating the messages that best define your business. We can help through an intensive brand audit that will clearly define a vision for your company moving forward.

2. Skills

Recognizing what skills your team already has and then acknowledging where your business could use some help is an important step in helping make your brand stronger. The stronger your brand, the better response it will receive from your target audiences.

3. Incentives

Powerful marketing and advertising turns customers into brand loyalists. Let us help identify the incentives you can share with your audience to make this transition so that you can leverage the power and voice of your brand loyalists to create even more advocates for your business. Incentivizing your team members also becomes an important factor so that they, too, leverage their personal networks to help expose new people to your business.

4. Resources

Perhaps you are already working with a great PR company. Wonderful! That means you can focus on the other resources your team needs and then we can help fill in the gaps through our media buying, website development, digital marketing, and creative personnel.

5. Action Plan

Then, we'll put everything together to create a dynamite action plan that will net excellent results for your business in 2016.

With these five pieces in place, together we can help bring positive change to your bottom line, company culture, and digital presence in 2016. Contact us today at info@thegossagency.com with questions or more information.

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