Holiday Shopping Insights

There are 59 days until Black Friday, 62 days until Cyber Monday, and 87 days until Christmas, and those numbers mean people are absolutely thinking about holiday shopping. How can your company cut through the clutter with your marketing and advertising? We've rounded up some insights about 2015 holiday shopping to help your business shine this holiday season.

1. We'll kick things off with this infographic summing up a holiday shopping survey released by Epsilon, a global marketing company, which was picked up by Adweek.

Epsilon global marketing company survey gift shopping 2015

Two big takeaways are that TV ads and emails sent from brands will be the biggest influencers in purchasing decisions for holiday shoppers this year. November is the biggest purchasing month for holiday shopping, with October a close second.

2. From Think with Google's "5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015," two significant takeaways include:

     a) 78% used the internet for holiday shopping research versus only 29%          relying on friends and family

     b) $1 trillion of all retail sales influenced by holiday shopping related                mobile searches.

3. According to MarketingLand, who has an entire section of their website devoted to Holiday Retailers, "The highest share of purchases are driven between the hours of 9am and 11am ET, regardless of the season." So, target your mobile and social advertising to happen during those times whenever possible.

4. ClickZ in their post, "8 Social Media Tips to Prep for 2015 Holiday Shopping Season," advises brands to remember that "customers don't distinguish your Facebook posts from your email messages, your brick-and-mortar store, your website, or any other channels or environments. To them, it's all one brand." Although of course you want to have a little fun with your holiday messaging, it's important to keep the look and feel of your brand consistent year-round.

5. Entrepreneur shares in "6 Ways to Increase the Success of Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign," that companies should remember, "The overarching strategy of your holiday-email-marketing campaigns should be to use caution, pay attention to metrics, send holiday mail to people who subscribed to your list and don't increase sending just because it's the holidays" among other email marketing tips.

How will you take advantage of the upcoming holiday shopping season with your marketing and advertising efforts?

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