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Social media is one of the most powerful tools a business has in its arsenal.

Need to respond to hundreds of customer inquiries from multiple countries before lunchtime tomorrow? No problem.

Want to live broadcast your new product line while simultaneously fielding consumer questions in real time from all over the world? Piece of cake. Well… sort of.

Understanding social media’s potential for your business takes time. Most of this time will be spent experimenting with various marketing and public relations strategies. Where most business owners drop the ball, however, is by not keeping up with new social media startups.

Periscope is one of those startups. Purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million in March 2015, Periscope allows users to livestream video while others watch, comment on, and favorite the stream. Since Twitter owns the fledgling app, it is fully integrated with its parent’s social ‘sphere.’ Add hashtags to your Periscope stream and see them pop up in Twitter search results. The most exciting use for Periscope, though, is…


What makes your business unique? Is it the irreverent, anything-goes culture? Is it your commitment to customer service? Maybe it is your CEO. Share it with Periscope!

Use the app to livestream a tour of the office. Introduce the viewers to the office prankster. What Periscope offers is a look behind the curtains of a brand. It connects consumers with their favorite brands in a way that feels human, unscripted, and authentic. Try livestreaming a Q&A with the CEO if you really want to connect with consumers. You can even use this format to introduce new product lines and answer questions about new features/services.

Maybe your business requires you to travel frequently. Great! Let your followers know you will be traveling through Prague next week so they can tune in and share the experience with you. If you are a travel writer, magazine, or agency, imagine the connection you can build with your clientele through Periscope!

Livestream marketing is still in its infancy. While businesses find new ways to utilize livestreaming, realize that most of it is uncharted terrain. The best way to brand your company using Periscope may yet be discovered – perhaps you’ll be the one to do it.

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