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All too often, we see clients and potential clients fail to promote their social media presence. It’s important to use your website, newsletters, blogs, and other visible places to promote the fact your company is on social media, just like it’s important to drive people to your website through your social media. This needs to be a two-way street from your social media to your website and vice versa, not just a one-way street from your social media to your website.

Here are a few ways you can help promote your social media channels:


  • Icons on Your Website


Have social icons with links to your social channels prominently displayed on your website. This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many times we go to a website and see none or only some of the social channels represented on a company website. If you’re active on the Big 6--Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn--then you should have an icon for each of these linkedin to their appropriate channels. Ideally, you have these icons in your header or footer so that they show up no matter which page of your website someone is looking at.


  • Cross-Promotion Between Channels


Occasionally, sharing on Facebook that you have a Pinterest account is a good idea. Your target audience might not like following brands on Facebook, but maybe they enjoy following brands on Pinterest because they like to shop or gather their favorite companies on a board. People use social media differently, so making them aware that you exist other places can be a way to stay better connected to your audience in a way that they prefer. You can’t force someone to be social with you on every single channel (unless, perhaps, they are a die-hard fan).


  • Newsletters


Much like your website, having properly linked social icons on your newsletter can help you attract new followers and stay more frequently connected to your audience beyond just reaching them in their email inbox. You could also announce social contests, highlight a super fan, and/or curate fan content to share in your newsletter to help feed both your newsletter followers as well as your social followers.


  • Email signatures


Again, having icons or links in your email signature is another way to promote your social channels and possibly gather new fans--or at least more impressions if people go check out your social channels. Here’s an easy guide to how to create your own:

What are some other ways you promote your social media channels? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @thegossagency.

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