10 Reasons Your Brand Should Utilize Video Marketing

Video marketing for business

In the one minute it takes you to read this text, 100 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube. That’s 250 days of video every hour, 16.4 years of video every day, and six millennia of video every year!

As the world’s largest repository of moving images, YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world with 2 billion views per day, accounting for 10% of all Internet traffic.

What more of a reason do you need to place your brand on YouTube? Here are 10 additional reasons to utilize video marketing provided by Forbes that the Goss Agency couldn’t agree with more:

1. YouTube referrals drive sales

2. Video (and specifically YouTube) has some of the highest conversion rates

3. Certain industries receive a significant number of orders through YouTube referrals

4. Videos give you a unique opportunity to tell your brand's story

5. Beauty-related businesses will find an eager audience on YouTube

6. Video is a top priority for marketers this year

7. YouTube is a top priority for marketers this year

8. Research suggests that video is far more powerful than the written word

9. YouTube videos can increase your chances of ranking in the search engine results

10. Video watchers are more likely to make a purchase than non-video watchers

Read the full article at http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/07/23/10-reasons-your-brand-needs-to-be-on-youtube

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