Agency Perspective from Designer Chloë Ayres

New graphic designer

The Goss Agency's new designer Chloë Ayres.

I have spent the last few years fighting to make Graphic Design a part of my life. I relished in the few hours a week that I could spend making postcards and newsletters, in between other tasks that had nothing to do with design that seemed so important to those around me. I was constantly trying to convince my co-workers of how important design is to the customer, how integral it is to the marketing process. I see now that what I was really trying to make them realize was how important it is to me.

The day that I started at The Goss Agency was the first day that I was able to call myself a true Graphic Designer, free and clear of any caveats or explanation. I think that the years of fighting for it were absolutely necessary to my appreciation of where I am today, in a place where design is not simply a job – it is a passion, something to which I hope to dedicate my career.

I am expected to feel that way, because my co-workers and peers feel that way and bring that to their work every morning. I have heard the phrase, “it’s all about the work” several times since I began my relationship with The Goss Agency, which is a comfort and an inspiration to me as I truly begin my career. It is all about the work. It is all about the passion. To me, it is all about design.

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