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Our May blog series is all about design, so we thought we’d kick things off with a roundup of some of the latest and greatest design news to inspire both us and our readers. Tweet us with your favorite article or nugget of wisdom, and be sure to check back next week when our designer shares some of his insights.

  1. Are Small Companies the Most Creative? (And Should You Start Acting Like One?)

“Being a little bit smaller they’re sometimes a little bit braver. There’s a little bit more scope for more creativity, and we really enjoy that,” says Mytton Williams’ founder Bob Mytton.

  1. Graphic Artist Explores the Idea of Addiction Through Minimalist Design

Many of us recall the, “This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” campaign, and undergraduate Meaghan Li has reimagined the influential ad into a series of posters.

  1. Relaunching an Iconic Brand: The New York Times Magazine Redesign

“This magazine is 119 years old; nearly four million people read it in print every weekend. It did not need to be dismantled, sawed into pieces or drilled full of holes. Instead, we have set out to honor the shape of the magazine as it has been, while creating something that will, we hope, strike you as a version you have never read before,” explains editor Jake Silverstein.

  1. If you’ve never read through “Startups, this is how design works” (even if you aren’t a startup). it’s time:

“Companies like Apple are making design impossible for startups to ignore. Startups like GitHub, Airbnb, Square, and Fitbit have design at the core of their business, and they’re doing phenomenal work. [Remember] design is a method of problem solving.”

  1. Mobile Web Design Tips for Google’s Algorithm Shift
  • Don’t make tiny buttons.
  • Use bigger fonts and scrolling
  • Avoid heavy widgets and content
  • Fast load speed
  • Use relevant cross links
  1. GIMP over Photoshop? 

About version 2.8 of GIMP, Creative Bloq says, “Right out of the gate, I was impressed. The tools are laid out as one would expect for this type of app. The UI has a modern look and feel to it. And best of all, you can switch to Single-Window Mode, a feature many people were eager to get.”

What are your favorite design resources? Let us know!

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