3 Possible Agency Roles for Your Social Media: Management, Guidance, or Training

Social media changes on a monthly--sometimes daily--basis, so it’s important that you evaluate your company’s digital presence frequently as well as taking the time to keep your social media knowledge up-to-date. If you’re not, you’re missing trends and patterns to help inform your next month of content along with which networks are netting the best results and therefore deserve more time and energy. That’s where we can come in. Here are three ways that we can partner with you to help take your social media to the next level.

  1. Management

If you hate doing your own social media or don’t have anyone on staff who has social media expertise, then you are an ideal candidate for outsourcing the management of your social media presence to us. It’s as easy as making us an admin for your accounts and/or sending us your login information once we’ve created a customized strategy for your business. We can take care of everything from creating profiles, posting content, responding to incoming messages, monitoring keywords to jump in relevant conversations, reporting, and more.

  1. Guidance

Not ready to hand over the reigns to your entire social media presence? We can work with your team or dedicated social media manager to provide feedback, reporting, and advice on a weekly or monthly basis to help your company get more out of your social media efforts.

  1. Training

Lastly, you can hire our agency to train an individual or team to become social media superstars. This option is best for companies that want to be extremely hands on and have the staff and time to dedicate to social media in-house. Companies that are only seeking training should have a collaborative company culture so that one person isn’t solely responsible for creating and curating content. Of course, combining training with guidance is another great option for organizations that want to up their social media game through both learning and doing.

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