Don’t Let Google Downgrade Your Website


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Gordon A. Farquhar, Director of Business Development

My last two posts asked those in the travel/tourism industry and private business to step back and take an open-minded look at your brand image and your competitor’s brand image. In wrapping up this short series, my main objective is to encourage marketing executives to reflect:

Are you proactive or reactive to changes in technology and the marketplace in which you compete for that new client prospect?

In new business development, I work with both types of clients, but like most, I know it’s the proactive marketing directors who don’t get caught dragging their feet that win clients in the end. For example, the recent Google announcement—that if your website is not mobile friendly, your search ranking could be drastically affected! shows that almost 90% of smart phone users search the web using their mobile devices when traveling, but unfortunately a much lower percentage of websites (many of yours) are not mobile friendly. If you think about it, it’s not any different than over 30 years ago when everyone used AAA to plan a trip, but what if your destination could not have been found on those maps?!

In due time, everyone will be forced to make their websites mobile friendly or be dropped down in Google rankings. Will you be proactive and upgrade now, or face the risk that your site might be ‘penalized’ until you are forced to be mobile friendly? So as a sales guy, my suggestion is to call me once you discover your site is not mobile friendly (you already know, I’m sure), and let our agency move your destination into the future of digital marketing.

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