Digital Press Kits: With Images, Size Matters


The Coca-Cola Company provides high-resolution images for press use on their website, focusing heavily on their global charitable initiatives.

by Megan Jonas

This is the third in our series on Digital Press Kits. Read the other two posts here: “Digital Press Kits: The New Essential”, "Digital Press Kits: Where to Start"

One of the key benefits to online press kit is the ability to include multimedia files, like videos and images. Images can be broken down into two categories: graphics and photographs. Both of these can play a key role in your digital press kit.

Why include images?

Often, members of the media, bloggers, and others will be looking for a visual to accompany a story about your company or organization. By providing images that show your company in a positive light, the blogger, social media person or charity you’re supporting gets a visual to use and you get positive exposure.

What kind of images should you provide?

The number one image you should provide is a high-resolution, large-format version of your company or organization’s logo. Many organizations actually provide several sizes and formats of their logo to ensure that the blogger or journalist using the logo doesn’t need to do any editing, but the rule of thumb is the bigger the file, the better. The user can always shrink an image down to the size they need, but if the image isn’t large enough, there’s no way to make it bigger and maintain the logo’s quality.

You probably spent a good deal of time and money on developing your logo, so you wouldn’t want to risk having a lower-quality version of it appear anywhere, right?

Many companies also provide photographs for press/online use. These might include official photographs of your headquarters and officers, photographs of your business in action, and event photographs featuring your company or employees.

Once again, size matters here, and you’ll want to provide the largest photographs you can. Also, you may want to use a small watermark or logo on the bottom corner of the photograph, or use a written license that notes for what purposes and in what locations the photos can be used.

The best part of using an online press kit is that these photos and logos can be changed out as often as you need, usually by a regular employee of your organization, ensuring that you have the best quality images available to anyone who wants to use them.


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