PR and Your Brand


"Public relations is about creating meaningful relationships with target audiences – customers, end users, media or even competitors. Good PR creates a positive message that is relevant to the audiences and keeps it that way." ~ Suzanne Metcalf

by Suzanne Metcalf

We believe successful public relations is the result of a carefully crafted message combined with a strong brand identity that creates buzz in the media and, most importantly among target audiences. We also believe in tightly identifying and profiling the target audience. We’re not just talking about demographic and geographic, we go a little further and understand what makes the target audience tick. We learn the emotional hot buttons and build our hook, ideas and pitches to connect the message in a meaningful way – online, traditional and, out in the real world. We call this psychographic.

It begins with the knowledge that a brand has a unique voice and image, and out of that voice and image comes a message. Our synergistic PR and brand strategies are what make our clients’ brand messages shine.

Public relations is both subtle and in-your-face, and understanding the client’s goals, voice and brand message give The Goss Agency the power to implement results-oriented, timely, trendy and targeted strategies that resonate with the media and ultimately the end-user.


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