Affinity Target Marketing

Anchored in the Southeastern US, in Asheville, NC, The Goss Agency is a full-service advertising, marketing and branding firm, applying over 30 years’ experience across an array of products and industries, including 20 years in Travel & Tourism, serving national and
international destinations.

The Goss Agency stands out in the cluster of the traditional Travel and Tourism marketing firms and silo digital marketing solutions. While many speak of Cultural/Heritage and Affinity Targeting, and often conduct some research on the subject, ending up in a nice binder on the shelf, The Goss Agency leads the nation and the Travel and Tourism industry with over 20 years of communicating destination’s distinctive cultural/natural features and experiences in a manner that identifies with
the Affinity Target emotionally.

Indeed, DCR (Digital Channel Reach) has become the “new” medium, and all destinations and “Travel & Tourism” firms have equal access. However, even with such high potential, these new media channels are only as good as the messages placed within them. Intercept a message, digital or otherwise, today, and it is generally designed to appeal to broad demographic audiences. As a result, the communications are focused on more common experiences “scenic beauty,” “beaches,” “family fun,” “outdoor adventure” etc. vs. drilling down on a specific outdoor experience and communicating it in a manner that taps the emotion of the individual to which it appeals. We believe you can’t be all things to all people and be effective. We believe...

We believe you must identify your destination’s distinctive experiences, and communicate them in a manner that taps the emotions, the hearts, and minds of the specific psychographic profiles to which they appeal. Communicating the experience as if you are one of them. This, “have a conversation” approach is above-average successful for our clients. Increasing qualified traffic (reducing bounce rate to 39%, increased time on, and page views up 233%) visits to the website an average of 150%, and room nights, attraction / restaurant sales and average of 20+%.

How? The Goss Agency applies a communications strategy to Travel and Tourism that is rooted in the philosophy that makes all advertising successful across all media, regardless of the product or industry, or medium. We treat the prospect as human and form an emotional connection. A connection that makes the prospect laugh, smile, think and feel. The prospect says, “Hey they get me.” With the collision of a wide range of social media combined with the Affinity Target’s interests in learning and sharing their fervent
activities, this is where; we go into an even higher gear: the 7 speed Mercedes.

If there is one thing we know after 30 years of branding and marketing in an array of categories, it is that most people have an affinity for 1 to 3 activities. And they like to
obtain information on the subjects and share information on the subjects.

So our process is simple, but not simple to execute: You need us. We first identify the assets on the ground of the destination with the most visitors potential. We then identify the Affinity Groups to which they appeal, and rank them based on number of prospects within the geographic reach and average overnight stay potential. Next, we communicate the features and experiences in a manner the prospect identifies with personally through image, copy, and motion, designed to transcend all media, traditional and digital.

While the prospects may be aware of the many other features and experiences of the destination, the result is they feel special. They feel we are really mostly about them! Don’t worry, we won’t leave anybody out. We will still reach the big demographic targets, just in individual groups based on their psychographic profile and what interests them personally.