Even though they had manufactured frozen pies for more than four decades, little was known about the Atlanta-based Edwards Baking Company.To make Edwards stand out in the industry and increase sales, an upscale niche within the frozen dessert category was created.The Edwards Gourmet brand consisted of high-quality, non-traditional flavors that were more likely to be found in a chef’s kitchen than the supermarket freezer aisle.

After the second year of Gourmet’s introduction, total sales for Edwards were up 54 percent. Although intended to be seasonal, Key Lime and Strawberry Mousse became items available all year because of high consumer demand. The new packaging designed for the Gourmet line received the 1995 National Paperboard Packaging Award in the frozen dessert category. Currently, the Gourmet products represent 30 percent of all Edwards’ gross retail revenues. The way to build your business isn’t necessarily an ad. The right agency considers all angles.