It was determined that all the areas of customers wanted to feel like they were the only customer and that US Jets was the expert in that area.

Underwent internal and external stakeholder interviews and customer satisfaction/key benefits testing. A positioning of perfection in the air supported by standards beyond what are required by the federal government was identified and articulated in a branding theme line above and beyond. The brand look was created to establish cutting edge and performance. Created separate advertising, website sections, and brochures to focus exclusively on the specific area of business. All graphics for the jets and throughout the company and industry, uniforms, etc., were created to leverage the brand image.


"I can’t tell you specifically what the work from the team at The Goss Agency has done for our business because it has been so broad. I will mention that the advertising and promotional materials increased our business in cargo, where we were weakest, by 40 percent in six months. After presenting the dynamic closing brochure to our first new customer in Chicago, his comment was, ‘I thought you guys were a crop duster in South Georgia.’ This meeting resulted in a signed $250,000 contract on the spot, which was only the beginning.”

- John Colvin, CEO, US Jets