Farnam Custom Products in Arden, NC, is a customizer of industrial products — a niche player that sells special products/parts that can be significantly modified. Farnam needed to move more towards higher-volume products while not giving up its customizer niche. Was it possible to do so without giving up its point-of-difference as the ultimate customizer?

Farnam as the cost-effective solutions provider offering. We recommended that Farnam continue its role as ultimate customizer while inching towards more standard applications, as long as these applications allowed and encouraged liberal modifications.


"The new corporate identity, clear and focused message, and the branding that you created for us have been very helpful and powerful for us. We have seen that we now attract more interest in the marketplace and that we have increased credibility. Furthermore, the message is clear enough that we have been attracting the kind of clients we desire most and not just raw numbers. Your work has allowed us to generate a more dynamic, techy, and partner-like image in the global marketplace. I feel that the increased international interest, inquiries, and business we have seen are a result of this marketing program. The web site you designed is unique, very effective and well received. The branding, identity, web site, and sales materials affect the way the world perceives us. I have definitely seen increased market interest and confidence, which will help generate and assure our future success.”

- Neil Farnam, CEO, Farnam Custom Products