Disney launched a new brand extension, Disney Vacation Club, to become a network of resorts located throughout the U.S. Today, Disney Vacation Club has resorts in Hilton Head, in Vero Beach, and at Walt Disney World. These resorts represent the first time Disney has moved beyond the boundaries of its theme parks. There was a major challenge with the launch of this brand extension. Disney was known for its fabulous Disney World and animation, but people didn’t know what to expect from Disney in this new venture.

Persuade consumers to consider Disney beyond the theme-park realm by leveraging Disney’s brand and the distinct benefits inherent to each property or asset.


"I worked directly with Jeff Goss in the launching of The Disney Vacation Club, which consisted of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. It was the first time Disney had extended its brand beyond The Walt Disney World Resorts. After eight months of disappointing results in pre-occupation sales, the recommendation spearheaded by Jeff Goss to implement consumer insight programs in the north and in our Florida markets was executed. This led to targeted creative insights that leveraged the unique distinctive characteristics of the properties Disney is known for.

It is a Disney policy not to give specific results. I will say the campaign far exceeded expectations. Thanks, Jeff.”

- Pat Quinn, Marketing Director, Disney Vacation Club