Our client, East-Coast based Blossman Propane Gas, Appliance, & Service, with 67 locations from Miami to Baltimore, was challenged with an eroding market due to higher costs for propane, big electric companies infiltrating homes with heat pumps and green tax incentives, and the extension the natural gas reach.

The Goss Agency addressed the barriers head-on with our strategic and thorough approach of research, stakeholder interviews, conducting a day-long session to identify benefits and barriers, and leading focus groups to identify the most meaningful brand positioning. Take Comfort In Blossman says it all - who they are and what they offer clients. The fully integrated marketing plan, across five media markets, includes TV, radio, outdoor, and online. The results speak for themselves.


"You and your firm are doing a very good job for us. The reasons for my comment are:
1. You understand what we need as a propane retailer.
2. Your work is organized and focused on results, not the work.
3. Your people are professional

I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in the career (IT, strategy, HR, marketing) and you are among the best. Feel free to call to discuss further.”

- Randall R. Doyle, CFO, Blossman Gas