Affinity Target Marketing

Anchored in the Southeastern US, in Asheville, NC, The Goss Agency is a full-service advertising, marketing and branding firm, applying over 30 years’ experience across an array of products and industries.

The Goss Agency stands out in the cluster of marketing firms and silo digital marketing solutions. With over 20 years of communicating brand’s distinctive features and experiences in a manner that identifies with the affinity target emotionally. The Goss Agency consistently researches well above national average results in all media channels.

Indeed, DCR (Digital Channel Reach) has become the “new” medium, and all firms have equal access. However, even with such high potential, these new media channels are only as good as the messages placed within them. Intercept a message, digital or otherwise, today, and it is generally designed to appeal to broad demographic audiences.

Focused on a specific benefit/experience aimed communication that taps the emotion of the individual to which it appeals. We believe you can’t be all things to all people and be effective.

We believe you must identify your brand’s distinctive experiences, and communicate them in a manner that taps the emotions, the hearts, and minds of the specific psychographic profiles to which they appeal. Communicating the experience as one of them.

Pinpointing specific social media channels heavily trafficked by prospect and loading them with fresh, relevant engaging content (information, video, ads, facts, inspirational quotes, etc.) relating to interest they
want to share. This is where; we go into an even higher gear: the 7
speed Mercedes.

If there is one thing we know after 30 years of branding and marketing in an array of categories, it is that most people have an affinity for 1 to 3 activities. And they like to obtain and share information on the subjects.