Social Media

At The Goss Agency, our social philosophy pivots on providing value with every post shared in a tone that conveys the spirit of a brand and stays true to the Brand voice. Since social media moves at a rapid pace, constant experimentation and analysis is crucial in order to deliver results that consistently surpass the previous month’s (even the previous week’s) data.

I want to learn more about how social media can help my business.

    • Social Strategy

      You can be active on social media all you want, but if you don’t have an underlying strategy, you will be like a traveler without a destination. We help our clients establish measurable strategies and tactics to help achieve goals that’ll help them get to where they want to go.

    • Social Audit

      A thorough assessment with tactical/strategical observations and recommendations per social platform that clients are either active on or should be active on based on their target audience and industry.

    • Research, Strategy & Planning

      Recommend and assist clients with social strategy, tactics, and planning in relation to their target and industry.

    • Crisis Preparation & Management

      Establish social procedures that will help prevent any brand conflict/crisis to arise on social. Also create response flowcharts and strategies when crisis does hit.

    • Community Engagement

      Identify Affinity Targets to which the visitor experience/brand appeals. Identify/optimize channels by individual affinity targets based on user behavior.

    • Content Creation and Amplification

      Creation of viral marketing concepts for each Affinity Target and Influencer with the goal to be radiated through platforms using researched hashtags and best practices (found by A/B testing creative/content) and Affinity Target social media behavior.
      Also develop a posting schedule that best suits target audiences and coordinating ads, email marketing, and other brand initiatives to optimize and present a consistent brand voice.

    • Social Listening/Customized Analytics

      Weekly brand monitoring and monthly reporting of the analytic data on each social channel — tweaking for performance. By analyzing this data, we are constantly examining and improving our social strategy.