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Digital Managing Partner: Dominick Mariello

As the Digital Managing Partner for TGA, Dominick brings both client and agency experience, having executed strategies and media campaigns for brands including LendingTree, Capital One, Men’s Warehouse, NAPA Auto Parts and others on over $25 million in online advertising spend. With his expertise ranging from budgets in the tens of thousands to the millions, Dominick’s main objective is to build strategies and tactics that are custom-tailored for each unique client. With a deep understanding of business and marketing, Dominick’s focus is to translate business goals into effective online media executions. Dominick is an alumnus of Virginia Tech and an avid fan of live music, food, and sports.

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  • Digital Media Research

    At the beginning of any project, research is done to collect important information related to the campaign, including competitor data, audience sizes, inventory availability, cost trends and more.

  • Strategy Development

    A successful campaign starts with having the right strategy. Each campaign strategy is tailored to address the unique set of circumstances to successfully turn goals into achievements.

  • Keyword Banking

    How is your target audience currently using search engines to find similar products, services, and solutions? We employ a wide range of tools and techniques to build a high-opportunity, low-cost keyword bank for you which can be leveraged for PPC and SEO.

  • Digital Media Plan Creation

    Digital media campaigns can get complicated quickly. After a strategy is developed, the details of that strategy are broken out and defined into a formal Media Plan to clearly lay out campaign timing, media channels, inventory types, targeting, pricing, delivery and more.

  • Coordination of Creative Assets

    There are many different ad types that can appear online. By partnering with Digital Mouth, we provide the proper specs and quality assurance to ensure creative assets are accepted by all media platforms for maximum delivery.

  • Campaign Tracking, Pixels, and Analytics

    Being able to properly track digital media data and performance is not automatic. We ensure that proper tracking methodologies, including the setup of Goals and Events within Google Analytics, as well as placement of Retargeting, Conversion, and Look-a-Like Pixels, are mapped out, implemented, and tested.

  • Buying Across Every Digital Media Channel

    Powered by the latest media buying technology, our partner has direct access to buy nearly all the world’s digital media inventory across every major channel, including Online Display, Online Video, Social Media, Paid Search, Mobile, Native, Online Audio, and more.

  • Geo-targeting

    An advertisement is only as good as its relevance to the viewer/listener; that is why we leverage geo-targeting to deliver ads that are relevant to your prospects by affinity category based on their location.

  • Daily Analytics & Optimization

    Daily, Analysts review data to track trends, gain insights, and optimize the performance of a campaign.

  • Customizable Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

    24/7 access to custom reporting and campaign insights. View the performance of every media channel, tactic, and segment as well as website data all in one place.

  • Management & Service

    Dedicated Account Managers provide support and constant communication throughout the entire digital media campaign process.

Digital Media Channels:

  • Online Display – Standard Banner Ads, Rich Media, High-Impact Placements
  • Online Video – YouTube, Pre-Roll, In-Stream, Premium Content
  • Paid Social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Paid Search – Google, Bing
  • Mobile – In-App Display and Video, Mobile Web
  • Native – Ads within an online publication which resemble the publication's editorial content
  • Online Audio – Audio ads within online music streaming content, including Spotify

Digital Media Targeting Strategies:

  • Contextual Targeting – Advertise around relevant content, articles, or journals
  • Audience Data Targeting – Advertise to specific individuals based on their unique consumer data
  • Behavioral Targeting – Advertise to specific individuals based on their unique online behavior
  • Geographic Targeting – Advertise within specific geographic areas: radius, ZIP code, town, DMA, etc.
  • Demographic Targeting – Advertise based on age and gender
  • Retargeting – Advertise to the consumers who have visited or searched for your business
  • And Many More...

The Goss Agency partners with Digital Mouth to support and manage successful digital media campaigns for clients across many different sizes and industries, including AT&T, CVS, NAPA Auto Parts, Cartridge World, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Wake Forest University, Skidmore College, Watauga County Tourism, LexisNexis, Amazon Web Services, NCDOT, TXDOT, Tenet Health Care, Shelter Insurance, North State Communications and many more.