Content & Influencer Marketing

Gabrielle Diepenbrock

Team Coordinator: Gabrielle Diepenbrock

Gabrielle coordinates and works with Tempesta Media to oversee content and influencer marketing for clients.

On average, people see about 3,000 advertisements a day. In order for a brand to stand out, it needs to provide relevant and valuable content to its target audience, and effectively distribute this content to build brand awareness and brand trust.

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    • Brand Communication Strategy

      From POP to digital to radio, we leverage our decades of experience to construct a custom-tailored communication strategy that gives your brand consistency, depth, and long-lasting success.

    • Content Creation and Amplification

      Content Creation is more than cookie-cutter headlines and Buzzfeed style lists. It begins by researching and understanding your prospects — their interests, media-use behavior, etc. — and then creating and delivering content to them that is highly targeted, brand-relevant, and memorable. This service extends to website content, PR, social media, native advertising, influencer outreach, etc.

    • Influencer Marketing Research, Strategy & Planning

      Identify influencers by looking through four lenses: 1) Online directories, industry influencers; 2) Local partners/national chains; 3) Groups, clubs & organizations; and 4) Bloggers/publications.

    • Influencer Community Management

      We work with you to understand your objectives and build a community of traditional and digital influencers who can promote your brand cost-effectively to a highly targeted prospect pool.

    • Native Advertising

      Using research and decades of media-placement experience, we deliver highly targeted brand content to your prospects on publications they already read in a nonintrusive way.

    Resources (ability/networks, etc.):

    • Have access to a network of over 17,000 industry influencers on several platforms.  With this network we compile a list of influencers based on your needs and specifications (campaign-type, geographic location and niche interest) to provide you with unprecedented amplification of your social media marketing messages.
    • Partner with 20,000 vetted writers covering 300 areas of interest to ensure you’ll get the quality content you need in the manner and time you need it.
    • Industries range from arts & humanities, automotive, B2B, career, education, travel, recreation, technology, manufacturing, etc.


    Example: A blog by a Tempesta content creator used to advertise tomatoes.

    Example: A blog by a Tempesta content creator used to advertise tomatoes.

    To see examples of content by industry, go to Tempesta’s content showcase page.