Clients often tell us even though they feel they have their marketing services covered internally or externally, they often could use a fresh outside, experienced professional perspective. You or your team members in specific disciplines can benefit from our years of experience with our consulting services. Of course, you know we are hoping to show you something so profound you won’t let us go.

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Social Audit

A thorough assessment with tactical/strategical observations and recommendations per social platform that a client is either active on or should be active on based on their target audience and industry.

Website Audit

A website without a great user experience is not worth the code that it is written with. We take an objective look at your web presence for ease of use, consistency of brand message, and quality of information.

Search Audit

How easy is it for your prospects to find you on the world’s most popular search engines? What are your strongest keywords, your weakest, and what opportunities might you be missing?

Direct Marketing Audit

A comprehensive look at your direct marketing strategies and execution — from direct mail, to digital direct, to catalogs and everything in-between with detailed, strategic observations and recommendations for each.

Mobile Optimization Consultation

83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is extremely important. What are you doing to make sure that your audience is getting what they want? We examine your mobile marketing practices for responsiveness and efficacy.


Brand / Marketing / Strategic Planning

Every brand, marketing, and strategic plan needs a good foundation, and here at The Goss Agency, we work with you to understand your objectives and create a road map that is tailored to you and your success.

Affinity Target Marketing

We identify the features/benefits/experiences of the Brand/product. Then, we identify/prioritize the target profiles and Affinity Targets’ media behavior. We develop the message/content for the highest ROI channel leading to the landing page for data exchange/CRM.

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Tactical / Creative / PR Execution

Our breadth of experience in creative and public relations ensures that your brand is communicated in a consistent, effective, and memorable manner that will not only strengthen your brand but also make brand loyalists in the process.

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Secondary Scan

Review existing research and conduct a web search for industry studies, etc. Deliverable: Deck-style summary of findings, implications for Branding, and identification of areas where more information is needed.

Brand Audit

Review existing print and digital (web) Branding tactics. These might include efforts made by the brand and/or associations that are relevant to the brand promotion activity. We will perform a “Context Analysis” of all available material which are deemed to be part of Branding.

Competitive Analysis

This is a competitive or “peer group” analysis of four brands in the industry that are within a brand’s peer group. The goal here is to understand how competitors go to market with respect to Branding Strategy, tactical messaging, and use of various media channels. We use many of the same analytical techniques used in the Brand Audit, allowing benchmarking of the brand to the peer group.

Digital Coaching

Social Coaching

Training necessary client staff in social strategy, content creation, scheduling, and analytics per needed platform. Will give an explanation of social media strategy, involving employees and partners to curate content, ideas, and feedback.

Google Analytics Coaching

A detailed training workshop tailored to your specific needs and goals — everything from custom dashboards to conversion tracking.

Website Coaching

Calling your development team for every little change you want to make on your website just isn’t economically feasible, and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your budget. We provide training for you and your team on how to keep your web presence up-to-date.

Relationship Marketing Coaching

We take your existing lists and relationship marketing methodology and make specific recommendations for optimizing them based on current user experience trends in your industry.