Challenge: The Chubb Institute, Parsippany NJ, is a division of The Chubb Corporation. Despite the prestigious name, the school was perceived as just another technical/vocational school in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast.

Solution: We conducted Benefits Testing Focus Groups with students and applicants who did not attend. The research insights indicated that computer/technical schools were largely ignoring the emotional aspects of the decision to return to school.

We developed a new brand and corporate positioning for Chubb. This encouraged Chubb to move away from its “trainer” brand image and shift to a brand personality of “the encouraging, confident mentor.”

Results: At the time of new Brand Positioning, launch enrollments were off 32% from its recent highest level due to the technology bust. The new Brand Positioning “stopped the bleeding,” increasing enrollments 17%. To this day, The Chubb Institute, as well as the IT industry, has not regained its highest volume as in late 1999.