12 Ads of Christmas

In spirit of the holiday season, we compiled our favorite Christmas ads to create our "12 Ads of Christmas” series. Our list of ads include:

1. Apple’s 2013 iPhone commercial is our first choice. The ad shows a boy who seems a little too invested in his iPhone rather than engaging in the holiday activities but actually turns out to create the most memorable gift for the whole family!

2. Our second choice for the series is the 2005 “Don’t Drink and Drive” Heineken print ad that combines awareness and humor to maintain the Christmas Spirit!

christmas ad, santa ad, heineken ad

3. Coca-Cola uses different situations of people giving a little happiness on Christmas in our third choice for the series.

4. H&M’s “Come Together” comes in as our number four spot, which is also our AdMirable pick for the month where strangers on a train come together to enjoy Christmas after learning about their delay.

5. Our fifth choice is the heartfelt “Frankie’s Holiday” by Apple that allows Frankenstein to have the Christmas he always wanted!

6. Volkswagen takes on humor in this Christmas print ad where Santa may be on the naughty list after selling his sleigh for the new Jetta in our sixth ad of the series.

christmasad, volkswagon

7. The seventh ad in our series is John Lewis' emotional “Buster the Boxer” ad where a dog gets the best Christmas gift of all and leaves you in tears!

8. If you love puns, then our eighth ad is perfect for you! Kmart and Joe Boxer collaborated to give an interesting, hilarious way to perform “Jingle Bells."

9. InBev’s print ad lands our ninth spot in the series with a simple yet creative way to showcase their product while keeping the holiday spirit!

beer, santa, inbev, ads

10. Our tenth choice of the series is a humorous but emotional ad that showcases why this older man is teaching himself English in this Allegro ad.

11. Get your tissues for the eleventh ad! John Lewis' “Man on the Moon” is a great ad telling all of us to show someone they are loved this Christmas!

12. Our twelfth and final ad for the series is a cute ad from Heathrow Airport connecting families in the perfect way!


Digital marketing news, trends, and insights curated by The Goss Agency for the week of December 19, 2016.

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The 10 Branding Principles We Live By

1. A Brand is a creative expression of a value proposition.
We start with the fundamentals. A value proposition is the foundation for the Brand. It is the key to business or organizational viability.

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The Facebook Video Advertising Scandal

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on how, for the past two years, Facebook has been overestimating the average time people spend watching video ads by up to 80%. This revelation sent shockwaves through the advertising industry, leaving many ad buyers wondering if they should reallocate precious marketing dollars elsewhere.

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The Goss Agency Presents On Digital Marketing At AB Tech

Ryan Laffler and Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Digital Director and Social Media Manager respectively, at The Goss Agency presented at AB Tech’s Hospitality Marketing Class early this month.

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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Use Instagram Stories

Was Instagram being a copycat of Snapchat when it rolled out its new feature, Instagram Stories? Of course. Should brands still use and be aware of this new feature? Most definitely.

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How Brands are Getting Millennials to Flex their Voting Muscles

The issue is how to get young voters out to the polls on Election Day. This has not been an easy feat. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, voting rates among 18- to 24-year-olds for all elections have dropped from 50.9 percent in 1964 to 38 percent in 2012.

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This year alone brands have been jumping on the VR train offering an experience like never before. The New York Times scored the Mobile Grand Prix this year for the NYT VR.

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“Webrooming” is Shaking Up the Retail World

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ADmirable Series: Dove’s #MyBeautyMySay Campaign

With their #MyBeautyMySay campaign, Dove is criticizing how the media discusses female athletes’ looks rather than their athletic ability. They will have digital billboards livestreaming media outlet’s commentaries on female athletes’ looks to show just how often it is talked about.

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Native Advertising

Why You Need to be Focusing on Native Advertising

Relevancy is at the heart of native advertising. According to ShareThrough.com, “Native Advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.”

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Pin It! – The 3 Most Important Tips to Optimize Your Pinterest

Average Pinterest referrals spend $80, compared to Facebook’s $40 referral. But even more importantly, 88% of users purchase a product they pinned! Get your product pinned, and you’re making sales!

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Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go – The Future Virtual Reality Marketing World

It’s July 2016, and I am doing the same thing I was doing in July 1999. I would be questioning myself if it weren’t for the fact that everyone else is doing the same thing. Pokémon is back!

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Top 5 Mobile Advertising Trends in 2016

1. FORGET YOUR WALLET - Mobile wallets have become the new way to pay. Once companies proved that mobile wallet transactions were properly encrypted and secure, mobile wallets began to take off.

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Digital Advertising Statistics You Need to Know (Infographic)

We put together an infographic based upon four different areas of our Digital Advertising focus: Social Media, Website Foundation, Digital Direct, and Outbound Research and Marketing.

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Award Series: The Thoms Estate

In approaching the opportunity to connect with the naturalists and artists, The Goss Agency first reviewed an array of competitors to arrive at the determination we would use art and illustration to communicate the experience at Thoms Estate.

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