There was a time when someone said, “Hey, there is this new thing called television; we could put ads on it.” Since then, we have seen an evolution of media, in particular during the digital age. We keep in mind, whether digital or print, it is the vehicle of the message, not the message. We ascertain the most cost-effective means to reach our client’s prospects based on their profile and media use/behavior. We pay particular attention to context, tracking, reach, frequency balance, and media integration.

1-01 Research - Define target audience, media usage, competitive spending analysis
  Media plans should begin with insights! We have the experience and the tools to find those insights and tell the stories.
1-02 Media Planning - Develop media strategy & media tactics; investigate & create new opportunities
1-03 Media Buying - Aggressively negotiate and secure media programs (rates, added value)
1-04 Billing/Tracking - Evaluation/approval of invoice. Analytics/tracking/reporting
Media Planning Process:


But it isn’t all process; we recognize the need for reacting to opportunities and driving interest for promotions and need periods.

Native Marketing

How do we ensure your content, whether original, curated, or influence directed, is not just visible but also relevant to your target audience? We begin first by understanding your specific objectives. For example, is your content meant to entertain, inform, or persuade? What actions do you want visitors to take? Once we understand your objectives, we then identify your Affinity Targets to then research their media channel behavior, the media channels that best fit your Brand messaging and, importantly, those your Affinity Targets trust.

Google Display Network

When developing TGA Google Display Placement Strategy, we begin by identifying Affinity Target profiles and a high-opportunity, low-cost/competition keyword bank your target audience uses when searching for related content. This process ensures your ad is not only cost-effectively placed but also relevant to your target audience, providing for a higher conversion, sticky, return visitor. We also execute remarketing campaigns, advertising to past website visitors who performed specific actions on your website or used your App. This systematic approach keeps your Brand in front of, and in real-time communication with, your prospects, all while saving you time and money.

Social Channels

We begin our social media ad placement process by understanding your objectives, key message, and Affinity Targets. Do you want to increase Newsletter sign-up 20%? Is increased website traffic your goal? Perhaps you want to grow your like/follower base so you can amplify your organic reach? Using your objective and key message, we can determine the optimum social media channels and ad types to most cost-effectively reach your goals and target audiences. We understand one size does not fit all; every social media channel has its strengths and weaknesses and audiences use channels differently, which is why our social media placement optimizes each social media channel by Affinity Target, ensuring your ads are relevant and achieve the lowest possible CPC.

Digital Direct

Here at The Goss Agency, we begin by identifying and acquiring a prospect database for each Affinity Target/prospect profile and then develop emotionally-engaging content/creative that appeals to each profile. We then design landing pages/fulfillment dashboards that correspond to each profile campaign and serves as a data capture/exchange point. Depending on your objective and the interests/needs of each Affinity Target, this landing page may consist of a custom/individual dialogue or an insight/informative presentation. These digital direct campaigns can then be automated to deliver follow-up emails or responses to each Target Audience pool, reducing overhead costs and maintaining Brand awareness.