“You are in a position to create
a legendary brand.”

– Jeff Goss

Well first off let us just say, we understand the meaning of the word. We are in the service business.

We just happen to serve marketing ideas and execution to our clients. Once a project estimate or contract is agreed upon, we lay out a schedule for the work. Then we execute a creative brief on each project for input and approval. Once approved, we go to work. We hold weekly internal production meetings for managing all of our client’s work, and a weekly individual client production meeting to keep things on schedule, budget, and strategy.
Prior to these meetings we provide our client an agenda for a heads up, and after the meeting we provide a conference report. This ensures we all heard the same thing.

Wow, how simple and effective. These procedures help avoid fire drills, missed deadlines, and budgeting problems that could cause embarrassment or worse for our clients.

We understand that our clients trust us with their precious marketing dollars to move that needle, so we treat the dollars like they are our own. Our clients put their faith in us and we don’t want to, no we will not, let them down.

It’s the ole “cart before the horse” story. Ideas before design, make sense? Well, not to everybody; a lot of marketing/design firms go straight to the computer, hoping to dazzle the client with design and distract from the fact the idea is weak, or worse that there’s no idea at all.

Guess what? It costs just as much to do a bad ad as it does for a good ad.

Being service oriented doesn’t mean we are “yes” men and women. If our client wants to change the work, we ask what is the problem, and/or their objective with the change. We either execute the change requested, or offer another solution.

Because… our goal is to do our best work and get outstanding results for our clients. Just like our mission statement says.

We recognize that we are not doing this to just get a paycheck. We know saying yes to a client just to get paid is a slow death of the relationship. We want all of our clients to contribute to our record of consistent double digit increases in our objectives and client references that span the years.