"Good teamwork takes an uncommon desire to perform in your area, duties, and responsibilities to your utmost potential."

- Jeff Goss

Teamwork is essential to success when more than one person is required to exercise various individual tasks or when assimilated complete a larger task towards a common good. Now, let’s discuss what is essential to teamwork. First of all, each team member must be capable and confident in their capability, and possess an uncommon commitment in focusing on the end result, which is an essential ingredient in the common goal.
Communicating, over communicating, checking and double checking one’s individual strategy, approach, process, and work progress to achieve, nope I’m sorry, overachieve your individual goals. Good teamwork takes an uncommon desire to perform in your area, duties, and responsibilities to your utmost potential. Being your own best and toughest critic, checking and double checking your own work. Asking: Is this the best it can be? The best I can do for myself? Not relying on your team to catch your mistakes, or have to cover for your shortcomings. Then one teammate won’t let the rest of the team down.

Jeff Goss

Jeff Goss, President/
Creative Director

Just as a framer, a stonemason, a carpenter, an electrician and a plumber work together to build an iconic building, we here at TGA execute our individual disciplines with a common result in mind. We each practice, and preach, our individual disciplines with a passion to exceed our obligation to our team, ourselves, and to achieve our common, yet uncommon, goal. Over 30 years with regional, national, and worldwide agencies on an array of national and international products, my focus has always been the same for each client: identification and communication of the brand and product distinction, with emotional distinction. When we do this, the result happens on its own.
Bob Davies

Bob Davies,
Brand Strategist

Before a brand campaign can happen, a brand strategy has to be created. Bob leads our efforts with respect to discovering brand opportunity. Through a series of information-gathering and analytical techniques, Bob facilitates a process which uses the information you have, knowledge you have accrued, and advantages you have over competitive alternatives to create a meaningful and durable brand strategy. It is as much about finding new opportunities as it is choosing between the often too-many tactical ideas which are part of a brand’s legacy. Bob likes to say: “Solving branding problems is only half the battle; creating a strategy that the organization will embrace and grow passionate about is the other, and actually more important, half of the challenge.”

Karen Goss

Karen Goss,
Director of Finance and Human Resources

Karen joined The Goss Agency team in 2002 to manage the agency as office manager and accountant. She is highly skilled with QuickBooks, quotes, billings, media-related billings, maintenance of client files, and effectively acts as team cheerleader to all!
Gordon A Farquhar

Gordon A. Farquhar, Director of Client Services

Gordon assists the agency in business development and as a liaison between our clients and incredibly talented agency teams. He enjoys working on marketing and branding campaigns as they come to life and as the results of these campaigns surpass our clients’ expectations.

Troy Walker

Troy Walker, V.P. Strategist, Tourism

Troy’s role is to connect amazing destinations with The Goss Agency. He is passionate about travel and cultural tourism, and loves spending as much time as possible seeing and doing new things with his wife and four young children.
Nathan Silsbee

Nathan Silsbee, Web Development Strategist

Nathan provides valuable insight and experience into the ever-changing and complex territory of web and mobile application development. As president of Greenstone Media, he loves working with The Goss Agency team to generate and execute on new opportunities and guide clients through a successful digital development.

Ryan Laffler

Ryan Laffler, Account Manager & Digital Director

Ryan works with clients to set goals, fulfill objectives, and exceed expectations. He also oversees the agency’s Digital Department and keeps his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing digital landscape; ensuring clients are always a step ahead of the competition. As an avid music-lover, when he’s not at work, you can most likely find him catching a local band at one of Asheville’s downtown venues.
Chloe Ayres

Chloe Ayres, Senior Graphic Designer

Chloe directs the Design and Development Departments at The Goss Agency. Chloe loves the personality that design brings to a project. The best part of the job for her is the look on a client’s face when they see the finished product.

Gabrielle Diepenbrock

Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Gabrielle helps with agency and client coordination as well as overseeing TGA’s social media department. She loves the psychology and strategy behind marketing. Being able to figure out what makes a target tick and how to best reach them is one reason she loves her job.
Mel Sala

Mel Sala, Graphic Design Intern

Mel assists the Senior Graphic Designer with any design needs The Goss Agency may have. She loves the problem-solving aspect of design and marketing. Each new task is another puzzle to solve.

Luke Suggs

Luke Suggs, Account Support Intern

Luke contributes social media support, blog posts, and ideas to The Goss Agency team. He loves the innovative and creative strategies in marketing — that a simple idea can be catapulted into something iconic.